Difficult and intriguing

The Scientist: Omnibus (Parts 1-4) - Ryan Michael

This is one of the most intriguing and yet most difficult books I’ve ever read.


The idea of telling a story from a machine’s point of view is intriguing. But I felt it was inconsistent. The machines clearly had emotions and yet at one point the Scientist states that only humans can love (yet the machines can feel hate?). The dialogue loops around and around again, which I suppose was meant to reflect how the machines thought, but for a mere homo sapiens like me it was far too repetitive.


Telling the story in reverse was interesting. The ending helps us to understand the beginning. However, we are still left wondering what finally happened to the Scientist and to Eve. The story is ultimately unfinished.


The story did left a rather unique flavour in my mind, but I’m not quite certain what it really is all about. An extended metaphor on the biblical creation story? An exploration about the ultimate destiny of intelligence and/or the human race?